Our Philosophy

Our name is not an empty phrase: the strength of team79 comes from the different people with their different backgrounds, with their different focuses and points of view. This diversity, this broad spectrum of experience, is what makes us a powerful team.

It is only through our collective efforts that we can succeed and grow together. We all play on the same team and wear the same uniform. We show each other appreciation and respect, rather than creating competitive pressures. We don't just say we're a team - we live it: Our core values are trust, unity, and determination. They form the basis of our cooperation - for our internal corporate culture as well as for our external appearance: at eye level, helpful and constructive. Our clients appreciate our competent, reliable, and supportive approach. We work with integrity and a high degree of empathy. At the same time, we strive for a pleasant working relationship. We always strive to deliver real, measurable, and sustainable value to our clients.

We approach complex tasks and situations with commitment and sportsmanship. We plan realistically and face daily challenges together with our clients - from the smallest to the largest.

team79 - We make change successful.