Janina Weingarth

After almost 10 years in management consulting, Janina Weingarth has been self-employed as a coach and facilitator (process facilitator) with her own company comea since 2018. Her focus is on personal development, leadership in complex environments and (agile/collaborative) team and organisational development.

Janina supports complex human and organisational development processes with passion and empathy. She creates a safe space for new ways of thinking, feeling and acting through her probing questions, keen personal resonance and clarity. In one-to-one coaching, she supports leaders at all hierarchical levels in their personal development.

Janina is a business graduate, integral business coach (ICF and DBVC e.V. accredited training at the Coaching Center Berlin), certified TeamworksPLUS® team designer, agile organisational facilitator (Oestereich / Schröder) and completed her 2.5 year coaching training in the meta-theory of change at the Hephaistos Coaching Centre (Klaus Eidenschink) in 2023.

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