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Team79 as Employer

Team79's employees are the cornerstone of our success: they stand for our quality and passion and are therefore our service providers and our figurehead. That's why it goes without saying that outstanding employees deserve an equally outstanding work environment.

Our employees come from a variety of industries and areas and therefore have very different focuses and strengths. For us there is neither the "perfect" type of consultant nor are we rigidly guided by degrees and titles. What unites us as team79 is precisely this versatility - and the belief in team spirit, our core values and our way of working.

We refrain from rigid rules, pay grades and prescribed developmental strands. We have an open ear for your personal development path - accordingly, we make our agreements with each new member of team79 according to their own wishes and future expectations. The classic grow-or-go will not be found here.

In addition to a very good fixed payment, we offer our employees an attractive variable compensation, a free choice of work equipment (for example, laptop type or smartphone model) and free choice of company car.

Of course, we also like to support our team members in retirement provision. Also, we are open to any form of special leave and sabbatical. And, of course, every further training of our employees is counted as working time in the context of their professional career.

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